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Key StageTitleDepartmentLevelExam Board
KS3KS3 Maths 1617Maths--
KS3KS3 BPE 1617BPE--
KS3KS3 Computing 1617Computing--
KS3KS3 PE 1617PE--
KS3KS3 Science 1617Science--
KS3KS3 Design and Technology 1617Technology & Art--
KS3KS3 English 1617English--
KS3KS3 Drama 1617Performing Arts--
KS3KS3 Music 1617Performing Arts--
KS3KS3 Design and Technology: Food & Nutrition 1617Technology & Art--
KS3KS3 MFL: French, German and Spanish 1617 MFL--
KS3KS3 Art 1617 Technology & Art--
KS3KS3 History 1617History-_
KS3KS3 Geography 1617 Geography--
KS4GCSE English LiteratureEnglishGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4GCSE MathsMathsGCSE 17/18Pearson Edexcel
KS4GCSE English LanguageEnglishGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4GCSE GeographyGeographyGCSE 17/18Pearson Edexcel
KS4GCSE HistoryHistoryGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4GCSE Computer ScienceICTGCSE 17/18OCR
KS4GCSE MusicPerforming ArtsGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4GCSE DramaPerforming ArtsGCSE 17/18Pearson Edexcel
KS4GCSE Combined ScienceScienceGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4GCSE BiologyScienceGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4GCSE ChemistryScienceGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4GCSE PhysicsScienceGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4GCSE Art & Design Fine Art - TextilesTechnology & ArtGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4GCSE Food Preparation & NutritionTechnology & ArtGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4GCSE Art & Design: Fine ArtTechnology & ArtGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4BTEC Health & Social Care First AwardSocial SciencesBTEC 17/18Pearson BTEC
KS4GCSE Religious StudiesBPEGCSE 17/18AQA
KS4GCSE LawSocial SciencesGCSE (15/16)*
KS4ICT Cambridge NationalsICT-OCR
KS4Functional Skills ICTICT-OCR
KS4Level 2 Technical Award in Materials TechnologyTechnology & ArtLevel 2 (18/19)-
KS5A-level Religious StudiesHumanitiesA-level (17/18)OCR
KS5A-level English LanguageEnglishA-level (17/18)OCR
KS5A-level English LiteratureEnglishA-level (17/18)OCR
KS5A-level GeographyHumanitiesA-level (17/18)EDEXCEL
KS5A-level HistoryHumanitiesA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5ICT Cambridge TechnicalsComputingLevel 3 (17/18)OCR
KS5A-level FrenchMFLA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level GermanMFLA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level MusicPerforming ArtsA-level (17/18)EDEXCEL
KS5A-level Product DesignTechnology & ArtA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level Textiles DesignTechnology & ArtA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level Fine ArtTechnology & ArtA-level (17/18)OCR
KS5A-level LawSocial SciencesA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level BiologyScienceA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level ChemistryScienceA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level MathematicsMathsA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level PhysicsScienceA-level (17/18)OCR
KS5A-level PsychologySocial SciencesA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level SociologySocial SciencesA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level Computer ScienceComputingA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level Further MathsMathsA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level SpanishMFLA-level (17/18)AQA
KS5A-level Drama and Theatre Performing ArtsA-level (17/18)EDEXCEL
KS5Health & Social Care Cambridge Tech Level 3Social SciencesTech Level 3 (17/18)OCR