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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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Most Able

Most Able at UVHS

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. - Aristotle

Thinking and learning are two of the most critical skills we encourage in all our pupils so they grow and develop into becoming highly able and independent learners. We believe by teaching children to think and learn about themselves; their gifts, talents, skills and abilities it encourages children to take responsibility of their own learning to support their growth and development of the necessary independent learning skills during these critical years of school. Knowing how they learn, how to think and being allowed a safe environment to question themselves and issues they face builds their confidence and self-esteem to make wise choices and achieve highly in education. Our philosophy and approach to learning and teaching in the classroom, and beyond, holds the basic belief that every child is capable in offering something unique. In addition to the range of opportunities available to all learners, we continue to strengthen our commitment to creating an inclusive programme for our learners with high and exceptional ability. Differentiating and being creative with our teaching and learning methods in the classroom enables their teachers to offer the appropriate level of challenge for our pupils. Providing our learners with the transferable critical thinking and analytical skills are vital for our learners to become a strong driving force to achieving excellence and success in a future global society. We believe for our most able and exceptional learners they deserve our commitment to ensure we continue to personalise their learning pathways when planning our approach to classroom provision and learning beyond the school environment. We seek out and actively encourage our expert partners to be involved in the planning and delivery of enrichment sessions so our pupils are able to explore the depth and range they need to develop their learning skills and their ignite their passion for a subject whilst studying at UVHS. Our commitment is to challenge pupils to reach their potential and to shine in their pursuit of academic and personal excellence. We have very high expectations of our learners, so in turn, they too will have high expectations of themselves to move forward and make progress during this critical path of their learning journey of maturity and wisdom.