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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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School Improvement

“As an exceptional school we give children the confidence, skills and security to be the authors of their own life stories, whilst sustaining our core values and moving forward dynamically and collaboratively to become a school of national and international repute”.

It is the school’s objective to do all that can be reasonably expected to give equal access to all students in all aspects of the life of UVHS.

Full versions of our SIP

School Improvement Plan 2016/17 Summary

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Overall Effectiveness

We intend to carry out a curriculum review looking at the following:

  • Balance of curriculum.
  • Accommodating the new maths and English curricula
  • Integrate the new GCSE assessment scheme to replace KS3 levels and develop schemes of work to reflect this.
  • Review post-16 enriched learning.
  • Further develop the programme of Gifted and Talented opportunities for all students with a view to working with primary colleagues.
  • Develop the roles of ‘outstanding subject leader and subject teacher’
  • Develop the programme of careers talks and seminars for KS4/5 to include interview preparation.
  • Bid for additional funding where appropriate.
  • Establish a work based local, national and international volunteering programme.
  • Forge further links with local businesses.
  • Monitor participation in extra- curricular events.

Student Achievement

We intend to:

  • Carefully monitor the progress of all students against aspirational targets..
  • Establish baseline testing in all subjects in Year 7 to establish GCSE flight paths.
  • Develop the analysis of PASS tests.
  • Deploy a fund to support the specific needs of disadvantaged students.
  • Develop a subject review health check system.
  • Develop the EPQ qualification at KS4.
  • Embed the ‘catch-up’ sessions and review their impact along with the intervention team.
  • Raise attainment at KS4 by identifying students who achieve level 4.5 at KS2 and who are in danger of not making 3 LP.
  • To further develop our student progress tracking systems with a specific focus on groups/disadvantaged students/closing the gap.
  • Introduce more rigour in the ‘cause for concern’ process at KS5.
  • Develop exam based summative assessments
  • Review teaching pathways to find common assessment points.
  • Produce ‘more able child’ plans

Quality of Teaching

We intend to:

  • Continue to develop Teaching and Learning by embedding ‘outstanding’ practice through in-school CPD.
  • Ensure all departments embed literacy and numeracy into their schemes of work.
  • Develop the “Health Check” programme and to conform to current legislation and directives. Additionally each department to have one formal review annually or biannually if judges to be outstanding.
  • Develop a database for monitoring lesson observations, performance management and CPD.
  • Develop an AfL strand to T&L CPD programme.
  • Review KS5 pedagogy and review assessment methods.
  • To be awarded the status of a Dyslexia Friendly School.
  • Develop the IEP review and reporting procedures which will be linked with intervention and behaviour.
  • Develop, establish and share good practice for G and T in all subject areas.

Behaviour for learning of pupils

We intend to:

  • Continue to monitor and determine patterns of attendance, produce information for the Pastoral Team and identify the need for intervention.
  • Continue the programme of ‘Attendance Panels’.
  • Focus the ‘Pastoral Team’ on prioritising achieving high levels of attendance and punctuality through the use of the rewards system, senior student programme and the floating reference
  • Devise a slimmed down version of the floating reference for KS3.
  • To develop a system of identifying and recording extra-curricular activities.
  • Review the merit system.
  • Develop a ‘University preparation group’
  • Develop and define the roles required to support the head of 6th form.
  • Review the future roles, expectations and qualities necessary to be an effective 6th form tutor.
  • Review lunchtime arrangements for Year 11 and 6th Form and other students leaving the school site at lunchtime.

Leadership and management

We intend to:

  • Continue to build capacity to sustain and develop the effectiveness of leadership in UVHS by developing talented staff and recruiting externally.
  • Provide the necessary CPD for middle and senior leaders and aspirational leaders.
  • Review and develop the senior student system, the School Parliament and the Wolverine award.
  • Embed ‘The Pledge’ into Victoria Values’
  • Consider and respond to requests for support from other schools in line with UVHS’s status as a support school.
  • Investigate the introduction of BTEC Sports Science.
  • Create and embed the concept of ‘Outstanding Subject Leader/ Teacher groups and enable those groups to develop.
  • Further develop work with Schools Direct.
  • Develop a new green card which integrates the green card and exam green card.