Welcome to the UVHS Remembrance Website. This is the latest development in our long tradition of honouring those who gave their lives for their country. We hope you will find it a fascinating and poignant source of information about members of the Ulverston community and perhaps your own family…

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This is the beginning of a project which aims to publish all the information the school holds on those who served in conflicts over the last 100 years. We are particularly fortunate to hold a rich collection of portraits of former pupils who served in The First World War. These are held in Oak Cabinets and displayed during Remembrance Week each year. The photographs were conserved with grant aid support from The War Memorials Trust some ten years ago. With the advent of digital technology we wanted to go one stage further and undertake a digital RESTORATION.

oak_panels_nov14Under the expert eye of Head of Science Mr Nayler, pupils have been using sophisticated software and our state-of-the-art computer facilities to restore the photographs of former pupils who served in the First World War. This process is now complete and the restored images can be viewed on this site and compared with the originals. You can also see what was written on the back of those 100 year old photographs! The originals will continue to be safely conserved in the darkness of their oak cabinets, displayed for all in Remembrance Week each year.

The story of how the school came to have this unique collection is a fascinating one, but we know that there is much more information, perhaps known to YOU which we would very much like to add to our digital archive.

How your family can help

We have photographs of 172 former pupils who served in WW1 from this school. We KNOW that there are a further 73 who served, but for whom we have no photograph. View these names below. We would like to complete a task begun 100 years ago by adding photographs of these men (and women) to our archive. Do YOU recognise any of these names? Can you provide us with any information about them? Have you got a picture of any of these men and women?

Please contact remembrance@ and help to complete an important piece of local history.