What Our Parents Say

Please find below a selection of parents comments that have been returned to school following school reports being sent home.

Year 9

It is great to hear that my child is settling into UVHS.  Thank you for all your support

She continues to make great progress & is achieving so much.  Moreover; she is loving every part of school life & is really happy.  A BIG thankyou to all staff

The comments made about behaviour, character and personality made us feel very proud!!  We know he works hard, and its pleasing to see this recognised by his teachers
It’s fantastic to hear how well my child is doing at UVHS.  Thanks to all the staff for their hard work

We are delighted with the progress and thank all the staff for their hard work and dedication

It is lovely to hear that our child is doing well in all her subjects and is near achieving her targets.  They enjoy lessons and we are proud of her
a fantastic report she should be very proud of, as I certainly am!
I understand at the start she has found it hard, but has persevered and gained herself the glowing report from her teachers…. thank you all for your hard work and getting her where she is today

We are delighted with such a positive report.  My child is thoroughly enjoying her experience at UVHS which is a credit to her attitude but also the school.  The enthusiasm & nurturing from the school is superb.  I think the extra-curricular activities e.g. orchestra & orienteering exemplify this.  Thankyou

We are very pleased with the progress since September.  We hope he will continue to work as hard as he has over the past 2 1/2 years.  Thank you to all the staff at UVHS, I don’t think he could have got this far without your support