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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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Entry Requirements

GCSE Dance/ BTEC Dance/ Performing Arts.
GCSE English Language OR Literature at Grade 6.
Dance outside of school.

Course Content

Students should ideally have taken Dance at GCSE (although in cases where they haven’t a strong interest in Dance and a grade 6 or above in English is advisable). Prospective students should have a passion for dance both in terms of appreciation and performance.

The practical element of the course includes:

Solo performance linked to a specified practitioner within an area of study, performance in a quartet (performed live), group choreography. All practical elements are recorded and sent to the moderator.

For the theoretical aspects of the course pupils will sit a written examination covering the critical appreciation of two set works, one compulsory set work within the area of study and one option-al set work. The exam is split into two sections:

Section A: Short answer questions (25 marks) and one essay question on the compulsory set work/area of study. Section B: Two essay questions on the second set work/area of study.

Students are also expected to take an active role in the busy life of the school, further enhancing their appreciation of dance and gaining responsibility. The Performing Arts Faculty is very active, with an annual dance show, primary dance platform, Brewery Arts showcase, dance talent show and lower school dance clubs that students can assist with, further developing their choreographic skills.


A Level Units in Year 12 and Year 13    % of A Level
Component 1: Performance and Choreography 50%

-Solo performance linked to a specified practitioner within an area of study: This will be choreographed by the teacher and students with specific emphasis on the style of the chosen practitioner.

-Performance in a quartet: This again will be choreographed by the teacher and student. The requirements for this quartet are that it must encapsulate the dance styles relevant to the defined genres. For example: Ballet, Jazz or Contemporary dance style. This must be performed to a live audience.

-Group choreography: Students must learn how to create an original piece of group choreography, which lasts for a minimum of three minutes to maximum of four minutes, for three, four or five dancers, in response to an externally set task.

Component 2: Text in Performance

This specification requires students to develop an in-depth knowledge of two set works. One of these must be the compulsory set work and area of study.
Pupils will complete a 2hr 30 minute written examination.


Career opportunities for students who study A-level Dance: arts/theatre administration, arts journalism, professional dancer, dance school, choreographer, dance teacher, theatrical agent, education, community arts worker, dance movement psychotherapist, personal trainer, theatre director.

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