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Bumper A Level Results 2022

UVHS would like to congratulate all of our students collecting their A Level today, and as a school we are celebrating our best results ever at A Level! We are SO proud of all of their achievements and hope that they realise what an astounding success they have been as a cohort.

The majority of Year 13 students hoping to go to university next year have been accepted into their first choice universities (82% - a school record) with several other offers pending. Also, considerable number of students have also qualified to take up highly sought after higher apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships with the likes of BAE in particular.

Head of Sixth Form Rob RASTELLI said “After two-and-a-half very difficult years we have seen a return to formal external examinations and, here at UVHS, we are yet again congratulating a Year 13 cohort whose overall performance reflects the commitment, dedication and sheer hard work that they have put into their time at UVHS, both inside and outside the classroom – the excellent results achieved by them are fully deserved. As usual, it has been an absolute privilege and pleasure working with these students and I wish them all the brightest of futures.”

Matthew HARDWICK, Headteacher says – “We are again delighted with the outcomes that this year’s UVHS Year 13 students have achieved and are proud of each and every one of them. These results reflect how a true learning community can come together against adversity in order to provide the very best opportunities for our young adults. Not only is it down to the incredibly hard work and commitment demonstrated by each and every student, but also the dedication and quality of our teaching and support staff alongside the superb levels of encouragement and focus fostered by parents and families.”

The majority of schools in Cumbria and all those in the Furness Education Consortium have decided to co-ordinate publishing aggregate results data in early September. This is to allow the performance to be thoroughly checked and include the normal remarks and appeals processes. By doing this schools, the media and parents can be confident that the post-remarks data will be consistent across all schools and will be subject to little change afterwards.

The data will be published in good time, to ensure it is available to parents and pupils making decisions about secondary school applications. However, we at UVHS will still be celebrating the many individual successes of their students as we always have done – these include:

Charlie A* A* A* A* Bristol – Philosophy & Theology
Dorje A* A* A* A Manchester - Physics
Lilian A* A* A* A Cambridge – Natural Sciences
Douglas A* A* A* A Cambridge - Architecture
Andrew A* A* A* (A) Sheffield – Computer Science
Sadie A* A* A* Leeds – English & History
James A* A* A* Oxford - Physics
Jenny A* A* A Cambridge - Law
Sanjana A* A* A gap year then Medicine
Grace A* A* A Lancaster - Law
Matthew A* A* A Leeds – Chemistry

ANDREW – “I am ecstatic with my 3 A*s – I really didn’t expect that! Although I felt I had worked really hard and had done enough to get to Sheffield, this is beyond expectation. I love computers and programming, and once I had attended several university open days, Sheffield stood out so I’m really happy to be going there. I’m taking a gap year first and working the ski season in a hotel in Val D'Isere, but cannot wait to get to Sheffield in Sept 2023.”


JAMES – “I am delighted with my 3 A*s but, to be honest it is what I expected. I know I worked really hard and also had the most amazing teachers that I could ever have wished for here at UVHS in all of my 3 subjects – Maths, Further Maths & Physics. I cannot thank the school enough for the amazing teaching over the last 7 years! I’m really looking forward to going to Oxford and developing my skills and knowledge, and who knows after that?”


SANJANA – “I’m very happy and very surprised, but really couldn’t have achieved these grades without the amazing teachers at UVHS, let alone working really hard myself. I’ve decided to reject my Medicine place at Buckingham and will re-apply toother universities to study medicine next year. In the meantime I am taking a gap year and aim to travel to Ghana to carry out volunteering work. Tonight I’m going to enjoy a family meal to celebrate.”


LILIAN – “Wow!! I’m so surprised and so very happy with 3 A*s and an A. I worked really hard really hard throughout sixth form at UVHS and had great teachers; initially I wanted to study medicine but then changed to Natural Sciences as I felt it would give me a broader platform in the future. I cannot wait to get to Cambridge now!”


DOUGLAS - was initially speechless, then… “I just haven’t come to terms with this yet. This is so much better than I had hoped for; I thought I might get 1 A*. I’ve always been interested in buildings, especially old ones, so architecture was always my aim. Studying Maths, Physics, Art and History at UVHS has been very hard work but so very enjoyable, especially with the amazing teachers here. Tonight will be a celebratory meal with friends followed by a totally new experience at Cambridge.”


DORJE – “I am so relieved to have got these grades (3 A*s and 1 A). After the exams there was so much uncertainty and self-doubt, even though I had been confident going into them. Really looking forward to going to Manchester – it’s a great city with so many opportunities. As for the course, I cannot wait to get started and may well stay in academia afterwards.”


MATTHEW – “This is much better than I had hoped for – I’ve surprised myself! I came out of the exams feeling happy and thinking I had done enough to get into Leeds to study Chemistry, but to get 2 A*s and 1 A is just fantastic. I took Chemistry because I’ve always enjoyed it and wanted to pursue it further – my other subjects were Maths and Spanish which were also fantastic options, even though it was hard work throughout.”