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Important Information

Exam Information and Guidance 

Prior to taking any assessments and/or examinations, please take the time to familiarise yourself with all the student notices and warnings that are supplied by JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications).  See Regulations

JCQ require that ALL students must remain available up to, and including, the exam contingency day.  This is in case a timetabled examination has to be postponed due to a national or local disruption.

Failure to adhere to their regulations will compromise the integrity and security of the examination/assessment system and could result in either a loss of marks or complete disqualification.

Arrangements for Collecting Exam Results 

Now that the A-level and GCSE examinations are over, we would like to inform you about important information regarding collection of your child’s exam results in August 2023.

A-Level Results Day: Thursday 17th August 2023
Collection: School Hall from 8.30 am until 10.30 am

GCSE Results Day: Thursday 24th August 2023
Collection: School Hall from 9:00 am until 11.00 am

On results day, students will be able to collect an envelope containing their results from the School Hall. They should enter school via the main reception.

Members of staff will be on hand to assist and offer advice to students during the morning. This advice or assistance does not need to be from their subject teachers specifically - any teacher will be able to advise.

If your child is going to be away on Results Day, please ensure they, personally, contact the Exams office before the end of the Summer term deadline which is Monday 17th July, 11.00 am so that alternative arrangements, as listed below, can be arranged. Please be aware that JCQ regulations prevent us from giving out results over the telephone under any circumstances.

Alternative arrangements: It is possible to request that results are emailed directly to a student’s school email address, alternatively a ‘3rd party collection permission form’ could be obtained from the Exams Officer, should a student need to nominate someone to collect results on their behalf. To request either of these options, students would need to email the Exams Office at It is essential that this request is sent from the student’s school email address. Should a student choose the 3rd party option, please be aware that the nominated person will be required to provide photographic ID of themselves on collecting results.

Please note, the results are passed on to the local media for publishing as follows:

• Names will appear alphabetically using only the first initial and surname.
• For A-Level students, the subject code and level is listed but NO Grade given.
• For GCSE students, the number of passes 9-1 are listed but NO subjects are given

How to Collect Your Exam Certificates 

Exam certificates are presented annually to Y11 and Y13 students at a Senior Prize Giving event.

If you are unable to attend prize giving, then the certificates remain securely stored at UVHS until they can be collected, and signed for, in person at a pre-agreed date and time. Please email the Examinations Office, at to make these arrangements.

Exam Certificates are stored for a maximum of 5 years. After this time, they are destroyed in a confidential manner as per the exam board requirements.

If you can’t attend prize-giving and you are unable to collect your certificates in person, then you need to obtain a ‘3rd party collection permission form’ from the Exams officer. Once completed, it provides UVHS with the required signed written permission from yourself and details of the person you nominate to collect them on your behalf (they will be required to provide photographic ID).

Please note, we do not post out exam certificates.

We only ever receive one copy of a student’s original certificate(s) and they are very expensive to replace if they go missing. Some exam boards will re-print a lost certificate but others do not offer a replacement certificate service anymore and will only issue a Certifying Statement of Results at a cost of approx. £40 - £45 each.

If the original certificate has been distributed to the student and it gets misplaced (or it has been confidentially destroyed because five years have elapsed), only the student may request replacements directly from the exam board and at their own expense.  

We typically use the exam boards AQA, OCR and Pearson. 

They each have useful information on their websites about what to do in the event that you need to replace lost exam certificates or need access to your results because we no longer keep them beyond a student’s 25th birthday.

For AQA: Past Results and Lost Certificates

For OCR: Replacement Certificates

For Pearson: Certificate Services

Candidate 3rd Party Permission Form for Certificate Collection