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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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School Lockers

Ulverston Victoria High School has number of lockers available for hire, which are located throughout the school.

These lockers are available at a cost of £18.00 per academic year (£6.00/term) and provide a safe and secure place where students can store their personal equipment and possessions during the school day.

Please ensure that at the end of each academic year in July your locker is emptied even if you intend to re-rent it as any contents left will have to be disposed of for safety and hygiene purposes.

Should your child have any difficulties with their locker then members of staff are available to assist them.

Please note that no student will be excluded from renting a locker, and if you have difficulty funding this then please contact the school in confidence to arrange for your child to have a locker.

To rent a locker, please click on the following link School Lockers