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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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Staff List

Updated for 2020/21 academic year


Headteacher: Mr M Hardwick
Deputy Headteachers: 

Mrs A Desbottes: Teaching and Learning

Mrs S Hewson: Student Welfare

Assistant Headteachers: 

Mr R Butler: Director of Community Involvement

Mrs A Cooper: Intervention and Head of Upper School
Mr A Nayler: Innovation through Data

Assistant Headteacher/Director of Sixth Form Studies: Mr R Rastelli
Business Manager: Mr J Bowe

Pastoral Leaders 

Year 7:

Mrs K Hayton

Assistant Pastoral Leader: Mr N Hall

Year 8:

Mrs S Cooper

Assistant Pastoral Leader: Miss McKenny

Year 9:

Mr Pearson

Assistant Pastoral Leader: Miss Zebryk

Year 10:

Mrs K Gardiner

Assistant Pastoral Leader: Mrs Anderson

Year 11: 

Mr A Pearson

Assistant Pastoral Leader: 

Assistant Director of Sixth Form Studies: Mr M Sims
Assistant Head of Sixth Form: Mrs H Jefferson

Teaching Staff - Computing 

Name Title / Subject
Mr J Evason Subject Leader: Computer Science
Mr D Biasone Development Coordinator: Computer Science
Mrs S Beswick Development Coordinator: ICT and Media

Teaching Staff - English 

Name Title 
Mr M Martin Subject Leader: English
Miss S Fisher  
Mr A Guerrero  
Miss J Price  
Mrs N Ralph  
Mrs J Shaw Development Coordinator: KS4 English
Mrs M Shufflebottom Development Coordinator: KS3 English
Mr M Sims  
Miss A Smith  
Mrs S Steel  
Mr M Stubbert Assistant Subject Leader: English
Ms L Wiper  
Miss C Wisdom  

Teaching Staff - Humanities 

Name Title / Subject
Ms S Lomas Subject Leader: History & Humanities
Mr M Barton Geography
Miss C Blaney History with BPE / Development Coordinator Stakeholder Voice
Miss L Bosson Geography
Mr A Carter BPE
Mrs C Fairclough KS3 Development Coordinator: History
Mr M Hardwick History
Miss R Mardell Subject Leader: Geography
Mr A Mitchell BPE and Health and Social Care
Mr M Peake Subject Leader: BPE
Mr T Reader Geography
Mrs R Simpson History
Mr B Wallace Humanities, Law (6th Form)
Miss S Whitehouse History, BPE
Ms K Wilkinson Sociology, BPE
Ms L Wiper Law (6th Form)

Teaching Staff - Mathematics 

Name Title
Miss S Garne  Subject Leader: Mathematics
Mrs A Desbottes  
Mrs C Green  
Miss F Herbert  
Mr I Ironmonger Development Coordinator: KS4 Mathematics
Mr R Mach Assistant Subject Leader: Mathematics
Miss C Monigatti  
Mrs S Schofield  
Mr H Taylor  
Mrs J Twyford  
Dr L Wilkin Development Coordinator: KS5 Maths and Personalised Learning
Mrs S Wilson  
Miss M Zebryk  

Teaching Staff - Modern Foreign Languages 

Name Title
Mr J Bates Subject Leader: Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs J Adams Work Related Learning Leader
Miss N Beardsley Development Coordinator: German
Mrs A Cooper  
Miss K Gardiner  
Miss K Groves  
Mrs S Hewson German

Teaching Staff - Performing Arts 

Name Title / Subject
Mr R Butler Head of Performing Arts
Mrs A Heginbotham Music
Mr M Vogler Head of Drama
Mrs J Winstanley Drama and Dance

Teaching Staff - PE 

Name Title
Miss A Bird Head of PE
Mrs K Hayton  
Miss K McKenny  
Mr A Pearson  
Mr A Pierce Head of Boys PE
Miss L Rimmer PE and Dance
Mr J Quint  

Teaching Staff - Science 

Name Title
Mrs R Hodgson Subject Leader: Science
Mrs C Bower Development Coordinator: Biology
Dr L Briggs Chemistry and Physics
Ms J Bushell  
Mrs S Cooper  
Mr P Gannon The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Coordinator, KS3 Science Development Coordinator
Mrs K Gardiner  
Mrs R Gill  
Mrs J Halsey Development Coordinator: Chemistry
Dr J Hirst  
Mrs T Huddleston  
Mr A Nayler  
Mr M Pugh  
Mr R Rastelli  
Mr N Rice Teacher / Acting Development Coordinator of Physics
Miss J Seed Development Coordinator: Physics
Mr A Thompson  
Miss H Wilson Chemistry

Teaching Staff - SEN 

Name Title
Ms N Hillman SENCO
Mrs E Cowperthwaite Assistant SENCO
Mrs A Hutchinson Assessment Support

Teaching Staff - Social Sciences 

Name Title / Subject
Mrs H Jefferson Psychology
Mrs C Sharples Psychology & Sociology

Teaching Staff - Technology & Art 

Name Title / Subject
Mr D Appleyard Subject Leader: Art
Mr D Barlow Subject Leader: Technology with Art
Miss M Dixon Resistant Materials & Product Design / Development Coordinator: KS3 DT & STEM
Mr N Hall Food & Textiles
Miss N Hillman

Art, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award Coordinator

Mrs A Hine-Johnson Food Preparation Nutrition and Art
Mrs R Pienkowski Art
Mrs J Raven Design and Technology
Mrs L Robinson Design and Technology with Art
Mrs F Ford Development Coordinator: Food and Textiles
Mrs L Stewart Art
Miss G Walmsley Design & Technology

Support Staff - Behaviour Unit 

Name Title
Mr H Green Behaviour Unit Supervisor

Support Staff - Catering 

Name Title
Mr R Blake Catering Manager
Mrs S Chassels Deputy Manager
Mrs T Coward Kitchen Assistant
Mrs L Alty  
Mrs C Bell  
Mrs D Brierley  
Mrs C Coward  
Mrs C Low  
Mrs L McCorquodale  
Mrs M Porter  
Mrs H Satterthwaite  
Mrs L Storey  
Mrs C Waiting  
Mrs C Wood  

Support Staff - Cleaning 

Name Title
Mrs E Dyson Line Manager
Mrs J Armstrong  
Mrs K Baker  
Ms H Collins  
Mrs G Hartley  
Mrs C Swan   
Miss J Wilding  
Premier Contract Cleaners  

Support Staff - Cover Supervisors 

Name Title
Mrs C Burnside Cover Supervisor
Mrs H Pearce Cover Supervisor
Mr C Shufflebottom Cover Supervisor

Support Staff - Employability 

Name Title
Mr M Ridyard Careers Advisor

Support Staff - Engagement Centre 

Name Title
Mrs C Burnside Senior Learning Mentor
Mrs D Butler Senior Learning Mentor
Mrs V Douglas Engagement Centre Manager

Support Staff - Exams 

Name Title
Mrs C Grant Examinations Officer
Mrs L Scott

Deputy Examinations Officer

Support Staff - Facilities 

Name Title
Mrs E Dyson Team Leader: Midday Supervisor & First Aid
Mrs C Frodsham Business Support Assistant

Support Staff - Finance Team 

Name Title
Mr J Bowe

Business Manager

Mrs S Garnett Finance Assistant
Miss K Matthews Finance Assistant

Support Staff - Human Resources 

Name Title
Mrs A Herman Human Resources Manager / Headteacher's PA  
Mrs D Pybis Senior Administration Officer
Mrs S Wager Clerk to Governors

Support Staff - IT Support 

Name Title
Mr D Stamp Director of New Technologies
Mr B Baddeley Network Manager
Mrs B Baker IT & Website Administration Officer
Mr R Eccles Senior IT Technician

Support Staff - Learning Mentors 

Name Title
Mrs P Anderson Principal Learning Mentor
Mrs C Burnside  
Mrs D Butler  
Mrs J Egglestone Senior Learning Mentor: Key Stage 5
Mrs R Morris Senior Learning Mentor: Wellbeing and Mental Health

Support Staff - Learning Supervisors  

Name Title
Mrs C Burnside  
Mrs H Pearce  

Support Staff - Library 

Name Title
Mrs S Downing Librarian

Support Staff - Midday Supervisors 

Name Title
Mrs E Dyson Site Safety Manager
Miss M Dabrowska  
Mrs C Frodsham  
Miss D Ledward  

Support Staff - Office Team 

Name Title
Mrs S Slade Office Manager
Mrs E Burke Attendance Administrator / Administration Assistant
Mrs C Fullard Receptionist / Administration Assistant
Mrs C Hill Receptionist / Administration Assistant
Mrs J Hodskinson Receptionist 
Mrs C Pitman Deputy Office Manager
Mrs M Kavanagh Receptionist / Administration Assistant

Support Staff - Reprographics 

Name Title
Mrs K Burrows Reprographics Technician

Support Staff - School Counsellor 

Name Title
Mrs D Jacobs School Counsellor

Support Staff - School and Families Liaison 

Name Title
Ms B Todd

Family Liaison and Education Welfare Officer

Support Staff - School Nurse 

Name Title
Mrs G Muldoon-Smith

School Nurse

Support Staff - Site Team 

Name Title
Mrs E Dyson Site Safety Manager
Mr W Rowan Site Team Supervisor
Mr J Ainsley Site Manager
Mr W Harris Site Manager
Mr J Reidy Site Manager

Support Staff - SEN 

Name Title
Miss N Hillman


Mrs S Attard Senior Teaching Assistant
Mr G Brettle Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs Z Brettle Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Cowperthwaite

Assistant to SENCO

Mrs S English Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Helm Admin Assistant to SENCO
Mrs S Middleton Senior Teaching Assistant
Miss J Myers Senior Teaching Assistant
Miss H Stevenson-Gibbons Senior Teaching Assistant
Ms L Stoney Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Urquhart Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Watson  Senior Teaching Assistant

Support Staff - Technicians 

Name Title / Department
Mrs C Spence Senior Science Technician Manager
Dr A Gray Senior Science Technician 
Mrs C Frost Senior Science Technician
Mrs M McKevitt General Science Technician 
Dr L Nicklin Deputy Science Technician Manager
Mrs T Brooks DT Technician (Food and Textiles)

Mr J Reidy

Site Manager / Art Technician