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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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Enrichment Activities

Under normal circumstances, below is the range of extracurricular activities that 6th formers can take part in. We hope to return to these activities as soon as it is safe to do so under Government guidelines.

In school activities 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Maths Workshop

P2 Maths Workshop



-Maths Workshop

-Y12 Chem Support (A10)


Maths Workshop

Maths Workshop

Science Ambassadors





Science Ambassadors




6th Form Self Defence(Gym)

Maths Workshop

Maths Workshop

-German Drop in (Mrs Cooper's Office)

-Y12 Chem Support (A21)

Maths Workshop

Maths Workshop  
Lunchtime and after School Activities 
  Lunchtime After School

-Junior Flute Choir

-Clarinet Choir

-Primary Panto Rehearsals

-6th Form Sports (Sports Hall)

-Y7 & 8 Science Club (A24 - Support)

-Y12 Oxbridge Group (C10)

- Primary Panto Rehearsals

-UVHS Wind Band

-Girls Rugby (Gym)



-String Orchestra

-Percussion Ensemble

-School Production

-Law Society/Bar Mock Trial (C10)

-Primary Music Centre  
-School Production
-D of E Gold (A16)

-Engineering Club-Mentors (3:45-4:30 D2)


-Trinity Drama Exam

-Saxophone Ensemble
-Self Defence (MPe Gym)

-Vic Medics (12:45 A19)

-Y13 Oxbridge Group (C10)

-A-Level Chemistry Drop in (A16)

-Little Big Band or Jazz Combo
-Trinity Drama exam 

-Orienteering (3:30-5:00 Sports Hall)

-Film Club (C9)

-Hockey (KHy Astroturf 3:45-4:45)


-Brass Ensemble
-Senior Flute Choir
-Junior Band
-School Production

-Chess Club (A2)

-Knitting & Crochet Club (A5)

-English Society (C9)

-Climbing Club (Gym)

-School Production

-Primary Music Centre

-Girls Football (Sports Hall)


-Full School Choir

-Drama Rehearsals

-UVHS Swing Band

-Dance Club (Gym)

-Table Tennis (Gym)

Outside of school activities include

  • Reading Buddies (Library - Lunchtimes & Tue PM registration)
  • Maths Buddies (Cloister Corridor PM registration)
  • Wind Band Tour (8 days in Italy) 
  • Wind & Swing Band concert weekend with the Royal Marines Band (March)
  • Work Experience with Royal Marines Band (February Half Term)
  • Primary Science Clubs
  • Maths Challenges