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Changes to Barrow Train Times - May 2018

Please note that the departure and arrival times before and after school are earlier than the current timetable.


Northern’s new timetable comes into effect on Sunday 20 May 2018 and there are changes within this that will affect those pupils at your school that travel on trains between Barrow and Ulverston.

Please note that the arrival time in Ulverston is earlier than the current timetable.

Below is a table showing the current timetable to and from Ulverston and what will be operating from Monday 21 May

Current Timetable From May 2018
Barrow 0806 0850 Barrow 0746 0846
Roose 0811 0854 Roose 0750 0850
Ulverston 0827 0907 Ulverston 0805 0904
Ulverston 1520 1615 Ulverston 1443 1545
Roose 1534 1630 Roose 1458 1600
Barrow 1542 1637 Barrow 1505 1607

Northern’s proposed timetable for May 18 was critically dependent on the successful delivery by Network Rail of the Manchester to Preston Electrification Project, which has been significantly delayed. Unfortunately, the knock-on effects go way beyond the North-West region, and as a result we have had to make changes elsewhere across the network to reallocate diesel trains to cover the Manchester to Preston route, which would otherwise have been served by electric trains.

To understand the impact of this lack of infrastructure our Train Planning Team have carried out a major review of our proposed May 18 timetable over the last 3 months and have effectively had to rewrite a significant portion of the timetable with many routes having little or no planning flexibility.

The through services to Manchester and Preston from Barrow need to occupy certain train slots en route via the West Coast Mainline interacting with other passenger and freight services, and it is these fixed slots that determine the departure time from Barrow which cannot be altered. Having reviewed the overall schedule we are unable to delay the departure without removing all the stops between Ulverston and Lancaster.

Please can you advise pupils / parents through your normal communication channels.