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Pi Day

Another year, another successful Pi day!  UVHS had lots of fun celebrating Pi day on Wednesday 14th March.

What is Pi (π)?
Pi is approximately 3.14 and this is the number of times the diameter of a circle fits around the circumference (the outside of a circle).  This is true for all circles. The number Pi goes on forever without repeating in any particular pattern.  The first 10 decimal places of Pi are 3.1415926535.  We use the Greek symbol Pi (π) to represent this number.  In some countries the 14th March is written as 3.14 hence Pi day.








To celebrate Pi day we held a range of activities and competitions throughout the day.  
Pupils had the opportunity to create Pi paper chains and enter into a Pi quiz throughout Wednesday lunchtime.  The longest Pi paper chain was created by Anabel, Jacob and Lucy from Y7 and the winning quiz team was made up of 2 Y10s,  Eleanor and Oliver.

For the Pi(e) bake off, two beautiful winning pies were created by Sam 7.1 and Maya 11.2.  Sam made a Rabbit pie and Maya made Fruit pie, both absolutely delicious!  

We held the annual pie eating competition in the Hall during lunchtime.   Competitors had to finish 6 Pies as quickly as possible or eat the most pies in 3 minutes.  

The underdog, Mr. Eccles was victorious, finishing 6 pies in an impressive 2 minutes and 17 seconds. The canteen even got into the sprit as they served a variety of the most delicious pies during lunchtime.