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Ulverston Victoria High School Y11 Results 2021

UVHS would like to congratulate all of our students collecting their GCSE results today – despite another year of uncertainty and changes to the way in which this cohort has completed its Key Stage 4 studies, we hope that all our students are as proud of their achievements as we are.

Some of the highlights include:

Rebecca 9999999999 10 x grade 9
Gillian 999999999 & D*2 9 x grade 9; Level 2 Distinction*
Vinnie 9999999998 9 x grade 9; 1 x g8
Zoe 999999886 & D*2 6 x grade 9; Level 2 Distinction*; 2 x g8; 1 g6
Jess 9999998888 6 x grade 9; 4 x g8
Ella 999999888 6 x grade 9; 3 x g8
Hazel 9999998887 6 x grade 9; 3 x g8; 1 x g7
Megan 999998887 5 x grade 9; 3 x g8; 1 x g7
Will 9998888888 3 x grade 9; 7 x g8
Jessica 9999888887 4 x grade 9; 5 x g8; 1 x g7
Dylan 999988887 & D2 4 x grade 9; Level 2 Distinction; 4 x g8; 1 g7
Kathryn 9998888887 3 x grade 9; 6 x g8; 1 x g7
Jamie 999888887 3 x grade 9; 5 x g8; 1 x g7

Headteacher, Mr Hardwick, writes:  
“I would like to congratulate all of our students receiving their GCSE results today.  In what has been a very difficult 18 months for the whole world, this cohort of students have shown themselves to be extremely resilient in their reaction to both their GCSE examinations and the manner in which they completed their secondary education.  Results’ day is traditionally a day of relief and joy, with the opportunity to celebrate the hard work of our children, supported by their parents and teachers.  This year is no different – our students still had to undergo a very rigorous series of formal exams in April and May as well as a large number of demanding classroom assessments, carried out under exam conditions. Throughout all of this the whole cohort conducted themselves in an impeccable manner, and they should be very proud of themselves as we, the staff, are of them.  Their qualifications are a recognition of five years of hard work at UVHS, quantified by the teachers, who know them best, in line with both exam board mark schemes and OFQUAL’s stringent guidelines.  They really have earned these grades and should celebrate them just as every other year group has.  Our students will be able to move on to the next stage of their lives with the confidence of a job well done - we are very proud of them and wish them all the best in the future.”