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Battle to Succeed

St Mary’s Hospice is well-known throughout the Ulverston and South Lakes community, and has for many years provided the necessary support for so many.

These days there are few of us who don’t know someone affected by cancer, and the work done by the Hospice continues to be vital. Like everyone, they were hit by Covid, and their fundraising efforts were limited. However, as things return to normal, or the new normal, their interactive school based fundraising project, Battle to Succeed made a return!

Battle to Succeed is a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style fundraising project which asks students to create a fundraising concept, pitch to a sponsor for starting funds, advertise and market the idea before carrying out, aiming to raise a profit which is donated to St Mary’s. UVHS Year 8’s entered three teams into this competition:

Team 1: Theo and Zack – the lads organised a garden observation competition which asked local residents to hide an ‘out of place’ object in their garden. This might have been a saucepan, toothbrush, shoe etc. Residents who entered then had to find what the object was, and the top 3 won prizes. Theo extended this idea to local Primary School SJB. The same concept was used but on the playground with students entering and again winning prizes. They raised an incredible £660.

Team 2: Caitlin, Leah, Imogen, Macy & Isabel – The girls worked really well together as a group. Originally, some members were working with other groups whose ideas fell through, but these girls became a brilliant team, and must be commended for their efforts, including the many hours they spent making their jewellery and bracelets. They dedicated a full day for their sale, working as group to find a mutually suitable time, day, venue etc. for them to host their sale. These ladies overcame personal barriers and have shown excellent communication skills, not just within the group, but with the public and local community who became their customers. The girls never missed out B2S school meetings, and have really demonstrated their passion for helping others throughout this project.

Team 3: Cate & Ruby - These girls joined the project a little later than others, but whilst some started and didn’t carry on, these two worked hard to catchup, and create an idea which gave wonderful results. Due to Covid, bake sales can’t happen in school, and whilst the girls were adamant on doing one, and playing to their strengths, their first big obstacle was finding a location. They worked incredibly hard as a pair and used their investment fund to purchase the necessary ingredients, then used word of mouth to spread the message to family, friends, and neighbours about their sale, resulting in the fantastic total they raised.

Team 1 and 2, having raised the most, were invited to attend the Presentation Evening held at Furness Academy. The Hall there was transformed into a stunning stage for the awards, with drinks and a wide selection of canapes on offer. Teams from all the competing schools presented their work to a panel of judges, with several awards up for grabs.

UVHS came away with two awards, the first being the winners of the ‘Most Original Fundraising Idea’, awarded to Theo and Zack. The lads were then also awarded the grand prize of overall winners of the 2022 St Mary’s Battle to Succeed competition! Of course the real, and most important winners are of course, the Hospice. The combined total raised by all groups, and all schools, will hopefully go a long way to help support them in the immensely important work that they do.

The UVHS teams would like to thank the following people for their support and efforts:

Rebecca Gibson from The Cumberland for the £30 starting funds.

All the staff at St Mary’s Hospice for their support, and for everything they do every day!

Parents and families who helped with the fundraising events.

Mr Hall from UVHS for the help and guidance.