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Sporting Fixtures

Week Beginning 26/09/2022


Tue Year 10 Rugby League Festival at St Bernards



Over lockdown The PE department set weekly challenge for all pupils (and parents) to have a go at while at home. Take a look the activities below and see how well you do! 

Juggling Challenge 

The first challenge is Juggling, and Mr Pierce has recorded a series of short videos to help you try and master juggling three balls.

Good luck 😊

Juggling Videos

HIIT Challenge 

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

It is where you exercise at a “High Intensity”, so it is hard at times but you only exercise for a short period of time. Your Heart Rate goes up whilst you are working and then comes down whilst you rest.

You will be working for 20 seconds and then you have 10 seconds rest and do this 8 times. This makes 1 Tabata.

So = 20seconds exercise—10 seconds rest-20seconds exercise—10 seconds rest-20seconds exercise—10 seconds rest-20seconds exercise—10 seconds rest-20seconds exercise—10 seconds rest-20seconds exercise—10 seconds rest-20seconds exercise—10 seconds rest FINISH ROUND 1.

You alternate the exercises, so 1st 20 seconds you do one exercise, the next 20 seconds you do another, then back to the first exercise.

These are the exercises, Mrs Hayton has demonstrated them on the video:

  • Tabata 1—Jumping Jacks (star jumps) and Running on the spot as fast as you can.
  • Tabata 2—lunges (left leg back, right leg back, keep alternating) and squats
  • Tabata 3—Burpees or a walkout and lateral lunges
  • Tabat 4—box jumps (jump forward, jump left, jump back, jump right) and forwards and backwards upright jumps
  • Tabata 5 CORE—plank and mountain climbers.

Make sure you warm up properly!

You need to time 20 seconds, if you have Spotify—search for TABATA SONGS and they are there set up for you.

Make sure you cool down—stretch properly and drink lots of water.

Keepy Up Challenge 

Here we have the “Keepy Up Challenge”. Watch the video and your PE teachers can explain what you have to do!

Catching Challenge

Here we have Mr Quint's Catching Challenge. Watch the video and Mr Quint can explain what you have to do!

Dance Fitness 1-1 Challenge 

Warm up: Choose a song with a good beat, get moving around and raise your heart rate. Make sure you are fully warmed up before you start to complete the exercises.  

Dance Fitness Workout: 

For this dance fitness workout there are 8 different exercises. Go through the workout and repeat each exercise 10 times, then 8, 6, 4, 2. 

  1. Step to the side, throw your arm across your body. 

  1. Jump in and out, rolling your arms in a small circle in front of you. 

  1. Step to the side, throw your arm above your head. 

  1. Kickbacks. 

  1. Star Jump, Knee tap. 

  1. Grapevine. 

  1. Leap to the side (first foot lands, other foot goes behind). 

  1. Cross feet jump. 

If you need too, take a break every time you complete all of the 8 exercises. 

Cool Down: Make sure you cool down. Perform lots of stretches, this will allow you to avoid any stiffness caused by exercising and allow your body to relax, reducing your heart rate back to normal. Remember to drink lots of water! 

5K Challenge

The challenge for this week is to run/jog/walk 5k! This can be done on your own, or with one other person (following Covid guidelines). While you are out on your walk or run, you can take a selfie and upload it to where we will then collate all of the pictures together to create a montage of everyone that has taken part.

Use this opportunity to get out of the house for a little while and away from your computer screen.

Good luck everyone!