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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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Y8 Mathematics

Head of Department
Dr Wilkin

Organisation of the subject:

Students have 4 x 50 minute lessons each week . Grouping is reviewed each term to allow movement between classes.

Key Concepts (The big ideas underpinning the subject)

Students will study Number & Algebra, Geometry & Measure, Handling Data and Mathematical Processes & Applications. Pupils are taught creatively and in a variety of teaching styles to help them broaden their Mathematical knowledge and gain an insight into how they can use this knowledge and their problem-solving skills in a variety of contexts.

What will your child be learning? 

  • Number - Four operations, negative numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion.
  • Algebra - Sequences, graphs, collecting like terms, simplifying, expanding brackets, factorising, solving equations.
  • Handling Data - Averages, probability, collecting and representing data in a variety of graphs and charts.
  • Geometry & Measure - Angles, constructions, Loci, units of measure and transformations.

Key 'Learning Capacities' in this subject 

  • Be able to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Confidence to have a go and not be afraid to get things wrong and learn from their mistakes.
  • Resilience and perseverance and not be afraid to ask for help.
  • Foster a positive mind set and be a reflective learner.
  • Foster a positive attitude.

How will your child be learning? 

  • Paired and small group work
  • Whole class discussions
  • Individual teacher/student discussion
  • Investigations and rich functional tasks

How will learning be assessed? 

  • A test will be conducted at the end of each unit (usually at the end of each half term)
  • One formal exam in the summer
  • Monitoring of homework and classwork

What can you do to support your child? 

  • Encourage your child to discuss what they have learnt in their lessons and try to incorporate mathematical dialogue in everyday life.
  • Support them with their homework and be positive about mathematics.
  • Consider purchasing the extra resources we offer, Revision Guides, workbooks and CDs.
  • Encourage them to use MyMaths.

Equipment needed for this subject 

  • Pens, pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener, calculator, ruler, protractor and a pair of compasses.

Extra-Curricular/Enrichment Opportunities 

  • UKMT individual challenge and UKMT Team challenge
  • Working with sixth-form Maths Mentors
  • BAE Systems Roadshow

Governor Link - Mr David Heffernan