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Y9 Information Technology

Head of Department

Mr J Evason

Organisation of the Subject

Learners have 1 x 50 minute lesson each week in ICT.

Key Concepts (The big ideas underpinning the subject)

  • Understand how to stay safe online
  • Understand how spreadsheets are used and the importance of data handling, using databases and SQL.
  • Understand algorithms and how to create programs
  • Understand Binary/Hexidecimal number systems and coding
  • Understand coding behind software.
  • Understand the technology hardware/software used every day
  • Understand the history of computer development and technology
  • Identify the uses of ICT/Computing in the outside world.

What will your child be learning? 

  • Shops - This unit focuses the pupils on how ICT is used in society and how it affects our everyday lives. In particular this unit looks at ICT in shops and introduces the pupils to EPOS, EFTPOS, visual merchandising, magic mirror, wireless technology, stock control, barcodes, loyalty cards and the digital divide. They will work as a team to produce a presentation, play or story about what the shopping experience will be like in 15 years’ time and discuss how ICT is changing the way in which we shop.
  • Animation - In this unit the pupils will be learning how to make animations using Macromedia Flash/ Fireworks. They will look at drawing tools, motion and shape tweens, using the timeline and layers effectively and adding images, text and timeline effects to their animations. They will plan and create an animation that they could use on a website. There is a strong element of making a product which is suitable for the target audience and purpose.
  • Web authoring - In this unit the pupils learn how to use Serif web+ and Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver to create a website. They look at what makes a good and not so good website. They insert text, images, rollover objects, buttons, hyperlinks and hotspots. They create a website incorporating an animation created from the Flash unit.

Key 'Learning Capacities' in this subject 

  • Be able to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Develop the confidence to ask for help and answer questions in classroom.
  • Be able to experiment and ‘play’ to discover new ways of working.
  • Inspire students curiosity to learn more about the technological world around them.
  • Persevere with more challenging work.
  • Apply techniques learned in previous year and other subjects.

How will your child be learning? 

  • Highly practical lessons
  • Think for themselves using reason and logic
  • Paired work and group work
  • Individual teacher assistance
  • Learner discussion / experimentation

How will learning be assessed? 

  • A summative test taken in lesson time at the end of every topic either online or paper based
  • One formal exam
  • Formative assessment of homework and classwork
  • Online assessments

What can you do to support your child? 

  • Speak to them about what they have been doing in their lessons
  • Help with homework and encourage them to learn
  • Consider downloading Freeware software such as KODU/ Scratch/ Python/ Sploder and Microsoft Office from UVHS website

Equipment needed for this subject 

  • Pens, pencils, rubbers, ruler, calculator, earphones, pen drive

Extra Curricular / Enrichment Opportunities 

  • BEBRAS National Computing Challenge
  • Code Club at lunchtime
  • Robot Club
  • Enrichment resources and materials

Governor Link - Mr David Heffernan