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Year 7 Catch Up Premium

In March 2020, Ulverston Victoria High School received Year 7 Catch Up Premium Funding totalling £8,827 from the Local Authority. This funding is used to support initiatives targeting performance in English and Maths for Year 7 students who did not meet national expected attainment levels at Key Stage 2. These initiatives include intervention strategies, catch up tuition and literacy and numeracy skills. Teaching assistants were dedicated, for part of the week, to work specifically in raising the achievement of Year 7 pupils eligible for the Catch up Premium through one to one and small group working. The outcomes of this intervention are measured by looking at the improvement of targeted pupils in a range of measures including English, maths and reading.

In the school year 2019-20 we embarked on a Catch Up programme for the new Year 7, to bridge the gap in three key areas: numeracy, reading and spelling. 42 students, identified by their KS2 results took part in bespoke, small group sessions to build up their skills in the targeted areas. Initially targeting the students with the greatest need, the programme began in earnest during form times. Overall, students made good progress towards their targets, with some reaching them and moving on from the groups, allowing us to open it up to the next tranche of students, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic cut short our sessions before everyone was able to graduate from them and in March 2020 and we had to move the intervention online, using Lexia and IDL Numeracy and Literacy to continue to develop the skills of students in key areas.

In the school year 2019 -2020 the total spent on this year 7 catch-up intervention was £6,020 based on 2 teaching assistants for 4 hours per week for preparation and delivery time for small group intervention and an additional £1,690 for 1-1 intervention. A further £1,200 was attributed to SENCo support for structuring the programme and Lexia and numeracy resources for use with the targeted pupils.

The year 7 catch-up premium was not allocated to school in 2021.