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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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Catering Menus and Prices

Updated for COVID-19 measures

Due to the need to keep students in year group "bubbles", catering arrangements are being adapted from 1 September 2020 and will be limited.

There will be no breakfast or morning break time service and students are recommended to bring a packed lunch if possible. Students who bring packed lunches will be able to eat them in their form rooms. Staff will be supervising each block. Please remember that nuts and fizzy/sugary drinks are not allowed in school for health and safety reasons.

There will be a lunch provision for Y7 to Y11 students and staff only consisting of:

Hot meal deal £2.50 (plus VAT for non duty staff) – hot lunch, fruit, plus a drink (vegetarian alternatives will be available)

Grab-a-Bag £2.50 (plus VAT for non duty staff) – sandwich, fruit, snack plus a drink (various options available)

Please be aware that in order to comply with Covid-19 safety measures Grab-a-Bags will need to be ordered in advance by downloading and completing this form.

Please return your completed Grab-a-Bag order form to

Please see the menu below which will operate on a two week rotation.

Please note:

  • Y11 students will not be allowed off site at lunchtime
  • Sixth Form students should make their own off site lunch arrangements though they may use the common room if they bring a packed lunch


Parents are requested to use this form to order a Grab-a-Bag from the School Canteen. Orders must be submitted by no later than 10:00 for same day service.

Please download and complete the form and either e-mail it to or students can hand in their completed forms to Student Services.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Lunchtime Menu Rotations Summer Term 2021 (sitting not yet available) 


Week Commencing


Menu Week

Large Dinning Room

1st Sitting


2nd Sitting


3rd Sitting


27/06/21 1    


05/07/21 2      
12/07/21 1      
19/07/21 2      
26/07/21 1      

Week 1 Menu 


All main courses are £2.50 and include a choice of fruit and a cold drink.
Gluten Free Options are available. Please contact for details.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potato, Vegetables Beef Lasagne with Salad or Vegetables Jumbo Sausage Roll with Creamed Potato and Salad or Vegetables Southern Style Chicken and Chips with Salad or Vegetables Mild Beef Chili with Rice and Vegetables
Vegetarian Toad in the Hole with Roast potato and vegetables. Vegetarian Lasagne with Salad or Vegetables Cheese and Onion Slice with Creamed potato and Salad or Vegetables Falafel and Spinach Burger with lettuce and Tomato, Tzatziki and Chips Mild Bean Chili with Rice and vegetables

Week 2 Menu 


All main courses are £2.50 and include a choice of fruit and a cold drink.
Gluten Free Options are available. Please contact for details.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Butter Chicken with Rice and Naan Bread Cottage Pie with vegetables or salad and gravy Roast Pork with roast potato, vegetables or Salad Meat and Potato Pie, Creamed Potato, salad or vegetables Battered Fish and Chips with mushy Peas
Mild Chick Pea and vegetable Curry with rice and Naan Bread Vegetarian Cottage pie with vegetables or Salad and gravy. Baked Stuffed peppers with Herby Tomato, Brown Rice and Cheese. With Roast potatoes Cheese, Onion and Potato Pie, salad or Vegetables Vegetarian Sausage with Gravy, Chips and mushy Peas


Grab-a-Bags are available daily and consist of

Item Options
Sandwich Ham/Tuna/Cheese on White/Multigrain bread with or without Salad

Apple or Orange

Sweet Flapjack or Chocolate Crunch
Drink Water or juice Apple/Orange/Tropical/Berry
All Grab-a-Bag options are £2.50

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