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Ulverston Victoria
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World War II Evacuees at Ulverston Grammar School

During the Second World War, Ulverston Grammar School played hose to 114 “private evacuees”. These were pupils from at-risk parts of Britain whose parents arranged for them to stay, many with relatives, in the Ulverston area (then in Lancashire), to escape bombing. In some cases a parent accompanied the pupil and stayed in the area. Many of these pupils stayed for the rest of the war, and in a few cases even after it ended in order to take their School Certificate.

In addition to these “private evacuees”, a large number of children, some of secondary school age, were evacuated under an arrangement between Salford City Council and Ulverston Town Council. Over 1,000 children arrived by train in the town on the 2nd and 3rd of September 1939, and were accommodated with “hostesses”. Those who were of secondary school age and had been admitted to grammar schools in Salford were entitled to go to Ulverston Grammar School. Unfortunately, no records have survived in the school about these children, only for those who were evacuated privately.

Anyone researching their family is invited to peruse the list of evacuees for whom we have records. (These records are mostly in form of lists and letters; there are no school reports or exam results in existence).

Note: Salford City Library holds a copy of an excellent piece of research on the evacuation of children from Salford to Ulverston entitled ‘The Evacuation of Salford Schools 1939-1941’ by Alan Briggs. This can be viewed by visiting the Salford Local History Library, situated on the Crescent (The A6) in the same building as the Museum and Art Gallery and next door to Salford University.