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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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Evacuees to Ulverston Grammar School

Below are the details of all known evacuees to Ulverston Grammar School during World War 2. Further information is held by the school in some cases, which can be made available on request. (Some children listed applied, but may not ever have been admitted)

Surname First names Home area Term admitted to UGS
ACTESON William A. H. Essex  
ANDERSON Joan   Autumn 1942
BANISTER Cedric Adrian Surrey Autumn 1944
BEACH Joan R. Salford Autumn 1941
BEARD Robert Ian Surrey Autumn 1944
BIRKETT Olga Sheffield Spring 1941
BOLTON Jean Rosina London Autumn 1944
BROWN Edna W. Salford Autumn 1941
CANTY John Kent Autumn 1944
CASTLEY Mary Derbyshire  
CATON E. Jean Kent Autumn 1943
CHAPMAN Margaret Bradford  
CHOLERTON Mary E. Kent Spring 1945
COOKSON Dorothy Liverpool Not admitted
COOPER Hazel Surrey Autumn 1944
COSTELOE boy Stockport  
COSTELOE boy Stockport  
CRISPIN Lillian London Spring 1942
DAVIES Beryl Salford Autumn 1941
DAVIES Brenda Salford Autumn 1943
DAVIES June Surrey Autumn 1944
DAVIS David London Autumn 1944
DEAN Audrey Manchester Spring 1941
DICKINSON Keith B. Middlesex Autumn 1941
DOIDGE William J. Birmingham Spring 1941
DOUGLAS Norman Kent Autumn 1940
DOUNE Myrtle Surrey Autumn 1944
DRUMMOND Alistair Wilson Staffordshire Autumn 1942 ?
EDWARDS Brian Philip Surrey Autumn 1940
FARRANT Doreen Joyce London Autumn 1944
FEARON Mary Salford Autumn 1941
FERGUS Geoffrey Liverpool Autumn 1941
FISHER Irene Lowestoft Autumn 1943
FOURNIER Yvonne Surrey  
FRIEZE   Salford Autumn 1940
GELDART Doreen Barrow-in-Furness Autumn 1943 ?
HALL Derrick Middlesex  
HARRISON K. R. Hull Autumn 1943 ?
HICKSON Dorothy Salford Autumn 1943
HINDLEY Joyce Stockport Autumn 1941
HOLLINGSWORTH Frederick Anthony Salford Autumn 1941
HOLMES-HIGGIN F. J. D. Kent Autumn 1943
HOLMES-HIGGIN James H. R. Kent Autumn 1943
HOPE Alan Salford Autumn 1940
HOPKINS Brian Salford Autumn 1940
HOWARD Geoffrey Walsh Blackpool Spring 1941 ?
HOWARD Ian P. Merseyside Autumn 1943 ?
HOWARD Myra P. Merseyside Spring 1945 ?
HUCK John P. Middlesex Autumn 1944
HURST Irene Maud London Autumn 1944
JECKS Pauline Brenda Coventry Autumn 1944
JOHNSON Anne Surrey Autumn 1944
JONES Catherine M. Salford Autumn 1943
JONES Elin V. Sheffield Autumn 1943 ?
JONES George Frederick Kent Autumn 1942
KERWIN Alfred Salford Autumn 1941
KING Joan A. Middlesex Autumn 1943 ?
KING Morris Middlesex Summer 1942 ?
KING Terence Hull Autumn 1944
KINSMAN John F. Liverpool Autumn 1941
LEREW Anthony P. Surrey Autumn 1944
LEREW Peter Alan Surrey Autumn 1944
LEVERTON Rita Salford Autumn 1941
LISTER Henry Isaac London not admitted ?
LITTLER John O. C. Wirral Autumn 1941
LIVOCK Thomas Liverpool Spring 1941
LUND Elizabeth   Autumn 1944
LUND Kathleen   Autumn 1944
McCABE Sheila Wirral Autumn 1941
McCALL Eric Salford Autumn 1942
McCANN Catherine Salford Autumn 1942
MACKENZIE Malcolm Surrey Autumn 1944
MACKERETH Peter Surrey Spring 1941
MANKNELL Heather Yorkshire Autumn 1943 ?
MARSDEN Iris Salford not admitted
MARTIN Marguerite Middlesex  
MATTHEWS John Eric Surrey Autumn 1944
MATTHEWS Patricia Middlesex Autumn 1941
MENZIES Mahala Bristol Spring 1941
MIATT Brian B. Manchester Autumn 1943 ?
MIATT Lesley Manchester Autumn 1941
MOORE G. Salford Autumn 1941
MOSELEY Eileen Surrey Spring 1941
MUNCASTER Gerald A. Kent Autumn 1941
MUNDAY Alan N. Manchester Spring 1941
NICKSON Victor Julius Surrey Autumn 1944
PEARSON Frederick Keith Manchester Autumn 1941
POSTLETHWAITE Russell D. Lancashire  
POVEY George J. Surrey not admitted
PRATT Nancy Portsmouth Autumn 1941
RAMSBOTTOM Olga Manchester Spring 1941
REYNOLDS John Alan Akaster Surrey Autumn 1944
ROBERTS Alma Salford Autumn 1942
ROBINSON Charles I. Salford Autumn 1941
SHARLAND Alan John Surrey Autumn 1944
SHARLAND Brian Walter Surrey Autumn 1944
SMITH Arthur W. Liverpool Autumn 1939
SMITH Desmond Edward Charles West Sussex not admitted
TILLMON George Kent Autumn 1943
TURNER boy Middlesex Autumn 1944 ?
VAJDA Hedi Surrey Autumn 1944
VAJDA Robert Ian Surrey Autumn 1944
VICKERY Phyllis Freda Middlesex Summer 1944
WALKER Daphne R. L. Surrey Autumn 1944
WALKER Jacqueline Manchester Autumn 1942
WATSON Bryan Manchester  
WEST Kenneth A. Surrey Autumn 1944
WHEELHOUSE Kathleen Hull Autumn 1943 ?
WHYLEY Geoffrey Surrey Autumn 1944
WIGNALL Alan Middlesex Autumn 1941 ?
WILD Hilda Salford Spring 1941
WILLIAMSON Roy Salford Autumn 1940
WILMOT John Michael Surrey Autumn 1944
WISEMAN Alma Salford Autumn 1943
WRIGHTSON Enid Middlesex