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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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Home School Partnership

Victoria Values: A Home-School Partnership

Safeguarding Statement

Ulverston Victoria High School is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children and young people in its care.  All appointments to the school are subject to Criminal Record checks (DBS).  The school has rigorous child protection policies and procedures in place and all interviews with prospective staff will contain questions on safeguarding children.

Parents and students can expect:

  • Equality of opportunity.
  • Access to a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • High standards of teaching and learning.
  • High standards of care.
  • To have their achievements recognised and rewarded.
  • To be respected as an individual learner.
  • A safe and welcoming environment which encourages young people to learn.
  • Regular written communications about student’s progress.
  • An opportunity to meet formally with individual teachers to discuss progress at work.
  • Homework which is regularly set and marked in accordance with school policy.
  • Support for your child’s special talents.
  • Support for your child’s specific difficulties.
  • Extra curricular activities.
  • Any reported cases of bullying to be treated and investigated seriously and sensitively.
  • Their questions, comments or concerns to be heard in a constructive and mutually respectful way in the spoken word, writing and actions.

We expect a student to:

  • Develop and show exceptional Behaviour for Learning in the classroom
  • Work hard. Try hard.
  • Use your planner effectively.
  • Complete all homework and on time to the best of your ability.
  • Maintain an excellent attendance record.
  • Arrive at registration and lessons on time.
  • Come to lessons properly equipped for each lesson.
  • Be well behaved, courteous, thoughtful and respectful of others, regardless of their ethnicity, disability, sexuality, religion/belief or gender both here and elsewhere, including social media and other electronic communication.
  • Work to enhance life in school and the wider community.
  • Wear the school uniform in the correct manner and be tidy in appearance.
  • Report any instance of bullying immediately to a teacher, peer mentor, or to a parent.
  • Follow the school ICT policy and Mobile phone and devices policy.
  • Respect the school buildings and equipment.
  • Value and support the learning of others.

We expect a parent to:

  • Attend parents’ evenings and take an interest in your child’s progress.
  • Provide support for your child’s homework.
  • Encourage your child to take a full part in school life.
  • Support the school in the many events that take place out of school.
  • Endeavour to take all holidays out of term time.
  • Support the school’s standards over behaviour, uniform, attendance and punctuality.
  • Work in partnership and support the school in tackling any problems which arise in a constructive and mutually respectful way in the spoken word, writing and actions.
  • Communicate with and support the school in dealing with instances of bullying.
  • Contact school before 9.30am on the first morning of your child’s absence and each subsequent day.  If your child is absent from school without explanation, the attendance administrator will contact you.
  • Monitor the setting and completion of your child’s homework (via EduLink One & Teams) and sign the student planner on a weekly basis.
  • Inform us of any changes in family circumstances which are relevant to your child’s welfare.
  • To demonstrate their respect to other parents, their children, staff and the UVHS community in your use of social media.