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Y10 Belief Philosophy Ethics

Head of Department
Mr M Peake

GCSE Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics) Full Course - Exam Board - AQA

Full Course 

The Philosophy and Ethics GCSE offers students the opportunity to explore the
world of belief and religious life through the study of, and reflection on, stimulating
philosophical and ethical issues. Students will have the opportunity to offer
personal responses and informed insights on these fundamental questions and

For this full course exam students will study 2 components:
Component 1:

  • The beliefs, teachings and practises of 2 religions. Christianity and Buddhism.

Component 2: Four ethical and philosophical themes:

  1. Peace and conflict. This includes global terrorism, the use of force and the use of nuclear deterrents.
  2. Relationships and families.
  3. Crime and punishment.
  4. Religion and life, including environmentalism, medical ethics, the origins of the universe and evolution.

In this GCSE we will study these philosophical and ethical issues through  the perspectives of two religions, depending on the topic. Students will also be encouraged to explore and research the viewpoints and perspectives from other 
faiths. In the assessment students are encouraged to argue from a secular viewpoint and, where appropriate, to explore perspectives from faiths other than the six major world faiths.

There are no controlled assessments for this GCSE. Assessment is by exam only (a 1 hour 45 minute written paper for each unit). 

In the exam students will be expected to show sound factual knowledge relating to the issues and an ability to demonstrate understanding and explanation of religious viewpoints. The ability to describe, explain and analyse using appropriate knowledge and understanding will be important, as is the ability to produce a personal view in response to modern ethical concerns. This is a valuable GCSE which is respected by sixth form colleges, universities and employers. It will help to develop enquiring  minds, critical thinking and the ability to respond to a range of philosophical and ethical issues through the development of analytical skills.

For more information please see Mr Peake

Governor Link - Mr Jeremy Tennyson