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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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  1. The Ulverston Sixth Form Scholarship

to help students to pursue their academic futures

For students who have achieved well during sixth-form and have gained a place at university but whose families are not necessarily in the financial position to be able to pursue that opportunity.

Students apply for the scholarships in September/October of Year 13 via letter and a simple cover form.  In the cover form they will be required to outline which institutions they are applying to and what course(s) they wish to follow. In the letter they should detail the reasons for those decisions (aspirations for the future, what they currently do both inside and outside school etc).

Applications are completed by a confidential recommendation from MHa/RRa/RBu.

All applications are then considered and judged at a meeting including representatives from both the David Snowdon Trust and UVHS.  Application form attached.


  • Scholarship details to be explained to Year 12 & 13 at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Up to 3 x £1500 scholarships awarded each year – announced at Prizegiving in December (to be paid in 3 x £500 payments at the start of each term).
  • In return, Lakeside Scholars must be available to speak at the following Prizegiving and to also speak to Year 12 & 13 about their first year at university.
  • Scholars have the option to re-apply for the same funding for a second and third year under the condition that they are achieving a 2:1 or better.