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Undergraduate Opportunities Abroad

Until recently, very few British students gave any thought to studying abroad.

The rapid expansion of British higher education and the forthcoming changes in tuition fees have led many to question the value-for-money of an English university degree.

Many European countries have invested heavily in their higher education provision ensuring that it fits the needs of students, industry and other employers in the 21st century. In many countries one of the ways that this investment has manifested itself is in the development of English-language courses designed to attract the best and brightest students from around the world. In most countries this has so far been seen mostly at the postgraduate level. However, there are now around 1,200 bachelor qualifications taught entirely in English (not including Ireland) and many more that include a significant English-language component.

Farther afield, many students are attracted to American and Canadian universities. There are many excellent choices in these countries and also in Australia and New Zealand. In other non-English speaking countries there is an increasing range of courses taught in English.

Not all universities abroad will be appropriate choices for British students. Many offer a very poor student experience in comparison with British universities. It is important to research thoroughly universities abroad but this website aims to give you some starting points .

The website shows you the steps necessary to enrol in an international university. It will never be as simple as applying to a British university but it is fair to say that applying abroad is more readily achievable now than it has been in the past.