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Y11 Drama

Head of Department
Mr M Vogler

GCSE Drama - Exam Board Edexcel

The GCSE Drama course is designed for students who have an interest in Drama and the Theatre. Students must be confident performing in front of others, as well as be prepared to write a significant amount to meet the assessment requirements. There is also a requirement that all students attend at least one live theatre performance over the course  —  the school will run several theatre trips each year to fulfil this component. A passion and commitment to Drama and a willingness to rehearse outside of timetabled lesson time is crucial.

There are three sections to the course, all of which are connected:

1.   Devising (40%)

This is coursework, assessed by the school.  Students must create and develop a piece of drama from a stimulus chosen by the group and teacher.

 Section A: a portfolio of written work (1500-2000 words) covering the creating and developing process of the piece of drama as well as an evaluation of the process after it has been performed. This is weighted at 45/60 marks. A practical performance to a live audience is also assessed and makes up the remaining 15 marks out of 60.

Section B: the performance or design of the devised piece

2.   Performing From Text (20%)

This is also coursework. Students will perform or design two main extracts from a play chosen by the group and teacher. Students will need to submit a piece of writing explaining their creative intentions in realising their role.

Externally assessed by a visiting examiner

Can include group, solo and/or partner–based performances

     3.   Theatre Makers in Practice (40%)

Written examination (90 minutes). Students must study one of the eight plays set by EDEXCEL and also see at least one live theatre production

      Section A: bringing texts to life

Six questions (both short and extended) based on one extract of the play from a prescribed list and selected by the teacher.

 Section B: live theatre evaluation

Two questions asking the student to analyse and evaluate a live theatre performance that they have seen (notes are allowed in the exam)

The entire course is designed for students to get involved in theatrical performance, including the primary pantomime, whole school production and Year 10 workshop performance evening.

There are many opportunities for students to get involved in theatrical performances throughout the course, including the primary pantomime, whole-school production and Year 10 Workshop Performance Evening. 

For more information please see Mr Vogler

Governor Link - Dr Isabel O'Donovan