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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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Entry Requirements

Students are expected to have achieved at least a Grade 6 or B in GCSE Design and Technology Textiles or Art and Design.

Course Content

This course allows students the opportunity to explore a range of Textile media, techniques and processes.  They will  learn about both traditional and new technologies, along with looking at Cultural influences in Textiles Design. Students will develop their observational drawing and practical skills while investigating areas including Textiles Design, Constructed Textiles, Fashion, Printed and Dyed Textiles.  The course has a strong practical element, which allows students to develop their own ideas and create a personal response. 

The AS course allows students who have an interest in the world of Textile Design to develop a sound portfolio of work as well as a working knowledge of how textiles techniques can be used.

The A Level course then further develops and refines these areas of study for those who are interested in a possible career in the Design and Textile Industry.


AS Units in Year 12     % of AS
Unit 1 Coursework Portfolio  60%
Unit 2 Externally Set Assignment (Supervised time 10 hours)      40%
A Level Units in Year 13  % of A Level
Unit 1 Personal Investigation  60%
Unit 2 Externally Set Assignment (Supervised time 15 hours)   40%


Textiles Design is an excellent choice for anyone considering a career in any field of textile design, fashion design, teaching, print design or interior design.

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