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Entry Requirements

Students will be expected to have achieved a Grade 6 or above in English Language at GCSE. No prior knowledge of the law or legal system is required, but an interest in Law is crucial.

Course Content

Candidates are introduced to a number of key legal concepts, which provide a broad introduction to the study of Law.

Law Making and the Legal System including Parliamentary law making, Delegated legislation, Statutory interpretation and Judicial precedent are covered as well as the nature of law.

The Legal System includes the civil courts and other forms of dispute resolution, the criminal courts and lay people, the legal profession and other sources of advice and funding and the judiciary.

Following this we study criminal law, including non-fatal offences, and tort, including negligence.

Criminal law is further developed with the study of topics such as murder and manslaughter. Contract law is also taught.

Students will sit their exams at the end of the course.



A Level Units in Year 13     % of A Level
Paper 1 - The nature of law; the English legal system; criminal law (2 hours)     33%
Paper 2 - The nature of law; the English legal system; tort (2 hours)  33%
Paper 3 - Law of contract; the nature of law and the English legal system (2 hours)    33%

Students will sit their exams at the end of the course.


The course is suitable for students whether or not they intend to study the subject further. It will provide those considering law as a career with a sound working introduction and for others an insight into an area of life that impacts on all of us.

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