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Entry Requirements

Students who take A Level Physics will be expected to have achieved GCSE Physics with at least a grade 6. Those students who studied the combined sciences need to have at least a grade 66. Students are also required to have a grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics.

Course Content

This course builds on GCSE knowledge and understanding, and students will be introduced to new ideas which include the current ideas of particle and quantum physics.

Staff are well qualified Physics specialists, experienced and keen to support students throughout their studies.

Students are advised to support their Physics studies with A level Maths. If this is not the case, additional tutoring in the required mathematics may be provided within the Physics department.

During the Year 12 course students will study quantum phenomena, electricity, mechanics, properties of materials and waves.

In Year 13 students study fields, further mechanics, nuclear and thermal physics as well as an introduction to astrophysics and medical physics.
Experimental techniques are a common thread to all topics and are assessed in the final examinations.



A Level Units in Year 13     % of A Level
Paper 1 35%
Paper 2 35%
Paper 3 30%

These will contain a mixture of short answer, long answer and multiple choice questions.

Experimental techniques are a common thread to all AS and A2 topics but will only be assessed at A2 level.


The content is selected to support a range of career options. It is an entry requirement for many branches of engineering and is a valuable course for students who may be considering such careers as medicine, radiography, medical imaging, architecture, sports science, archaeology, surveying and computing.

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