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Ulverston Victoria High School

Ulverston Victoria
High School

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Entry Requirements

Students should have achieved at least a Grade 6 in German at GCSE.  

Course Content

In this course students develop linguistic competence in spoken, listening and writien German; they also further develop their awareness of German‐speaking culture and will learn various study skills as a preparation for work and further study. Students will use authentic German speaking materials from magazines, newspapers, books and the internet. 

Learning German can lead to a global career in a range of fields, from business to engineering, to science, research and education, and many companies actively recruit skilled linguists due to their communication skills. Whatever career you wish to pursue, be it as a stockbroker, lawyer, football manager, translator, mechanical engineer or teacher, a good qualification in a language will make you stand out to employers in all industries.

Many universities also offer study abroad for a year when students can choose to study or work abroad. This is usually the students’ favourite part of the course, providing  the chance to live abroad and become fully immersed in the culture.



A Level Assessments at the end of Year 13    % of A level
Paper 1 - Listening, Reading and Writing (2.5 hours)  50%
Paper 2 - Writing based on Film/Literature (2 hours) 20%
Paper 3 - Speaking—Individual research project  30%

Topics covered in both years:-

‐ Family life
‐ The digital world
‐ Youth culture
‐ Festivals and traditions
‐ Art and architecture
‐ Berlin cultural life
‐ Immigration
‐ Integration
‐ Racism
‐ Youth politics
‐ Germany and the EU
‐ Reunification


Only 1 in 10 careers with languages is in fields such as interpreting and teaching. Whether destined for a career in commerce, accountancy, in the travel industry, medicine or engineering, a language should be considered as an invaluable skill.

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