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Entry Requirements

Students who take A Level Chemistry will be expected to have achieved GCSE Chemistry with at least a grade 6. Those students who studied the combined sciences need to have at least a grade 66 in this GCSE. Students are also required to have a grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics.

Course Content

Chemistry underpins our everyday existence. It is responsible for advances in the quality and comfort of our lives and is central to our understanding of the natural world.

Everyday items we take for granted such as washing powders, cosmetics, perfumes, toothpaste and toiletries were developed with the help of chemists. Exciting products such as new fabrics for sportswear, laptops and state of the art mobile phones are equally dependent on Chemistry.

Many of the challenges facing today's society will be overcome with the help of chemical scientists. Their work will be central to the development of new sustainable energy resources and new medicines to treat and cure diseases. Chemistry is an exciting challenging subject with the potential for significant personal and financial rewards.
This course is designed to develop the essential knowledge and understanding of the concepts of chemistry and the skills needed to use them in the new and changing situations of modern society.



A Level Units in Year 13 % of A Level
Paper 1 Inorganic Chemistry (with relevant physical chemistry)    35%
Paper 2 Organic Chemistry (with relevant physical chemistry)   35%
Paper 3 Practical Skills       30%
All exams will be taken at the end of Year 13.


A Level Chemistry is a must for degrees in medicine, veterinary science and dentistry and can open up a range of careers and higher education courses in optometry, physiotherapy, pharmaceutical sciences, forensic science, biomedical and biological sciences, environmental health and food sciences. A Level Chemistry can also help gain direct entry into employment, especially into the scientific sectors.

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