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Computer Science

Entry Requirements

GCSE Maths and Science at Grade 6; it is recommended that you should be taking A Level Maths with this course.  It is not essential to have studied GCSE Computer Science, although this is desirable.

Course Content

The course is not about learning to use tools, or just training in a programming language; instead, the emphasis is on computational thinking. Computational thinking is a kind of reasoning used by both humans and machines, and it is an important life skill. Thinking computationally means using abstraction and decomposition. This type of study involves thinking about what can be computed and how.

Problem solving, programming and data representation - explains the fundamentals of problem solving and introduces students to the concept of algorithm design. Students will develop their competency in programming through the use of C#.

Computer components and the Internet describes the architecture and configuration of a microprocessor, with an emphasis on using low level language for interaction and development. It will also require an in depth analysis and understanding about how the Internet operates.

Year 13 topics include: big data, functional programming, set theory, vectors and abstract data types.

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A Level Units in Year 13 % of A-level
Unit 1 - 2.5 hour on-screen examination 40%
Unit 2 - 2.5 hour written examination 40%
Project 20%

A Level Project

Solve or investigate a practical problem, for example:

  • A scientific, or mathematical, problem
  • A simulation / 3D game engine
  • A machine learning system
  • A control systems and robotics


This specification has been designed for students who wish to go on to higher education courses or employment where knowledge of Computer Science would be beneficial. Students can study Computer Science and go on to a career in Medicine, Law, Business, Politics or any type of Science.

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