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Entry Requirements

Students who take A Level Biology will be expected to have achieved GCSE Biology with at least a grade 6. Those students who studied the combined sciences need to have at least a grade 66. Students are also required to have a grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics.

Course Content

Biology involves the study of a wide range of exciting topics, ranging from molecular biology to the study of ecosystems and from microorganisms to mammoths. Biologists work in the fields of cell biology, medicine, food production and ecology and the work they do is vital to us all.

In Year 12 you will study four main topics:

  1. Biological molecules
  2. Cells
  3. Organisms exchange substances with their environment
  4. Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms

Year 13 helps you build on that firm foundation and, like Year 12, has four main academic topics:

  1. Energy transfers in and between organisms
  2. Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
  3. Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
  4. The control of gene expression



A Level Units in Year 13 % of A Level
Paper 1 (Topics 1-4)


Paper 2 (Topics 5-8)


Paper 3 (Synoptic) 30%


Success in Biology leads to a wide range of higher education and career opportunities, e.g. agriculture, biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, dentistry, environmental sciences, food science, forensic science, genetic engineering, medicine, micro-biology, pathology, pharmacy and veterinary science. Other possibilities are animal welfare, childcare, dietician, midwifery, nursing, horticulture, physiotherapy, psychology, speech therapy, sports science and teaching.

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